Friday, June 19, 2009

Random Thoughts IV

It is June 19th, two days before the official start of summer. You would never know it. All week we've been waking up to temperatures in the 50s, clouds and lots of rain. (For yesterday, make that lots and lots of rain!)
I think what we need to do is stop making such a to-do about Groundhog Day. Instead, let's track the Easter Bunny. If he sees his shadow, we have six more weeks of April!

The first round of the US Open was pretty much washed away yesterday. One report I read said that Tiger Woods had started but when he hit a ball into standing water at one of the holes, that was enough. The current buzz is that they will not be able to finish by Sunday and all the traffic / parking / cancellations we've been dealing with all week will continue on Monday.
This morning while driving my "alternate route" to work I noted a highway sign telling golf fans that those who had priority parking in Field "D" (wherever that might be) should instead park at Jones Beach and take the shuttle bus. I have to presume that Field "D" is either underwater or a mud pit. In any case, drivers who would see the sign were actually headed away from Jones Beach.

I haven't had the chance to check with the "Temperature Team" in the pool these past few days to see how the water is. With all the rain and the lack of sunshine, though, I'm betting that "bracing" would be an optimistic way to describe the current conditions.

When I attended I-Con in April, I was on a panel with Bernie Hou, who does an online comic strip called "Alien Loves Predator." Rather than being a drawn strip, Bernie's work is fumetti, photos of posed action figures with backgrounds added. The main characters, Abe and Preston, have a Seinfeld-esque sensibility and Bernie alternates between single-day gags and some continuity. The results are hilarious. Check it out at

A strange yellow orb has appeared in the sky in the past few minutes. Like the students in Ray Bradbury's classic story "All Summer in a Day," I must run outside and enjoy it before the rains come again.

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  1. What a sweet posting about Julie, but don't forget the white radishes and tomatoes!