Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Out in the Blogosphere

A regular reader recently asked me who all those people are whose blogs are listed to the right under "You Might Also Enjoy..."

First, of course, there's the family: Laurie, Chuck and Sammi. Sammi is by far the most prolific, providing tales and pictures of her travels and adventures, as well as amusing anecdotes about her students. Laurie's writings, though infrequent, are most often slices of life. Chuck, despite the fact that the "updater" does not seem to recognize or record his new entries, actually writes regularly, mostly about gaming and books.

The "folks from the comics biz" group, recently expanded with the additions of Todd Klein and Paul Kupperberg, also includes Bob Greenberger, Tony Isabella, Adam Philips and Marty Pasko. Bob Buethe, though he never worked in the business, is a comics fan who I've known since he was a customer when I drove the DC Comicmobile way back in 1973! These gents focus on comics, though they do discuss other topics as well. Adam's blog, though, is devoted specifically to the work of Alfred Hitchcock.

Barbara Rogan, a longtime friend, is an author, editor, writing teacher, and former literary agent. Her blog, just recently started, should be of particular interest to anyone who wants to be a writer.

Scott Dodd and Lisa Hayes are educators I've worked with at CTY. Scott hails from North Carolina and Lisa is from Alabama. While neither blogs on any kind of a regular schedule, when they do commit pen to paper (or, more correctly, fingers to keyboard), what they have to say is interesting.

All of these blogs are just a click away. Give them a look.

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