Sunday, February 1, 2015

Old Photos of the Week #4

  More photos from around the dinner tables at the DC Comics company retreat at Great Gorge, NJ.

  From the left, Tom Pattison, a longtime veteran of DC's accounting department; editor Alan Gold, who was another of the people brought in from the "real world of publishing" and was the first editor of 'Mazing Man; Mark Alexander, one of the members of our production department; the Marketing department's Robyn McBryde; Barry Marx, who was a member of Joe Orlando's Special Projects department; and editor / writer Len Wein.

  Bruce Bristow was the head of the Marketing department; he and I shared a love of Bojangle's fried chicken (especially their hot sauce) and often lunched at the Bo's just a couple of blocks from the office. Nick Cuti, perhaps best known as the co-creator of E-Man, served as editor for a variety of titles, including the digest-sized reprints series.

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