Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Swimsover 2015

  For some folks, summer ends with the Labor Day weekend. For others, it's the 21st (or so) of September, when autumn officially begins. For us, it's the day we close the pool.
  That said, summer ended today.

  Our tradition has become to wait till after Columbus Day and I try to get in as often as I can up until the end.  The water stayed in the upper 70s through the last week in September and even Laurie, who usually gives up long before I do, got in a few laps. But then we had a couple of days of rain and some chilly overnights and the upper 60s was as warm as the water got.
  Still, it did not deter me from taking a couple of last dips, including yesterday afternoon, Laurie's comments about my being crazy notwithstanding.

  And now it is six months till First Dunk of 2016.

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