Monday, September 12, 2016

Camp Papa & Grandma

  Alex came and stayed with us for the better part of a week in August. During that time, in addition to the usual playing with every toy in the house, he attended two programs at the library, had two lunches at McDonalds, and a personalized visit to the local fire house.

Poolside with Papa
  In addition to his new favorite thing to do -- "driving" the convertible -- he had swim time in the pool with Papa, chalking the walk with Grandma, and picking vegetables in the garden (and then eating them).

Enjoying a snack

Fireman Alex drives the truck

  While I called it Camp Papa & Grandma, one of Laurie's friends said it was more like "Alex on a Cruise."  After all, there was unlimited food, plenty of on-board activities, a variety of excursions, and he couldn't leave the "ship" without an escort.
Showing off his work with Play-Doh
  When it was time to take him home, rather than get in the car, Alex walked back to the front door and said, "I want to stay here." Small wonder, eh?

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