Sunday, April 26, 2009

First Dunk

Thanks to the arrival of summer in April (scheduled to last till Tuesday evening, according to the weather forecast) the pool water was in the mid-60s yesterday and into the mid-70s today. Combined with 80+ degree sunshine, that was more than enough to get me in for the First Dunk of the season.

We actually have three different thermometers floating in the pool. The original, Ducky, looks like Ernie's friend on "Sesame Street," except he has sunglasses. Ducky has been in the pool for a number of years and over that time he's gotten a bit of a sunburn. In fact, he's quite tanned now.
Last year, Laurie decided that perhaps Ducky needed company (or, heaven fordbid, replacement!) and got Swanee. Actually, she got two of the same swan thermometers because they were only a dollar each. One, however, consistently said the water was 42 degrees and was banished. Later last summer, we added Tommy Turtle to the temperature team.
Though they are our temperature team, Ducky, Swanee and Tommy never agree. Swanee ("the optimist") always has the highest reading, Tommy ("the pessimist") always has the lowest, and Ducky ("the realist") is in between. Case in point, today Swanee said the water was 76 degrees and Ducky said 74. Tommy, clearly not yet with the program, said it was only 62 degrees. Since I was in the water, I'm going with Ducky.

With our instant summer still in swing tomorrow, I'm planning to ride my bicycle to work. And when I get home, I'll get in a second dunk. We'll see what the team says the temp is.

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  1. LOL! You are such a good writer, my husband. I am so glad that you started a blog.