Saturday, April 18, 2009

Signs of Spring (and Summer)

Paul Schmidt, the son of our next door neighbors, says that when he was growing up, he knew Spring had begun the first day he saw me outside wearing shorts. That usually occurred as soon as the temperature was more tha 65 degrees... sometime in early April.
These days, it's officially Spring when the cover comes off the swimming pool. Since we put in the solar heating panels a few years ago, a stretch of sunny days is enough to get the water temperature up to swimmable. (Well, that's by my definition; Laurie usually won't go in till the water hits 80 degrees. I've been known to go in when it's in the low 70s, if it's a warm enough day. Two years ago, I took my first dip on April 23rd; Laurie did not venture in until May 23rd!) Anyway, by that definition, Spring began yesterday.
With the temps near 70 yesterday. Laurie was able to get our pool guys over to open it up. Today was a great, warm Saturday, and, with Robby the Robot (the automatic pool vacuum) working full-time and the solar panels soaking up the sun, we are a step closer to my first dip. Not quite yet, though -- the water was only 50 degrees at the end of the day -- and a member of the Polar Bear Club I am not!
Though the next few days are not supposed to be as warm, there's something nice about being able to sit in the yard next to the pool like we did today, even if we can't yet swim. Bob and Deb Greenberger joined us for the afternoon and were only slightly surprised to learn the pool had been opened. (After twenty-five years, they've gotten used to some of our foibles.)
So, welcome Spring! Stay tuned for the official sign of Summer --First Dunk!

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