Sunday, September 7, 2014


  The Farmingdale Patch -- and, I presume, all the other Patches out there -- was recently reconfigured so that there are advertisements in between the news stories. After seeing today's edition, I have to wonder whether someone thinks this is a joke or it's just that nobody is looking at the bigger picture.

First up...

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Is it just me or does this make it seem like Naughton was one of the four arrested? And, just for the record, the man is running in Massachusetts, so why is his ad even appearing on Long Island?

And then there's this...

I haven't the faintest idea what that "Grommet" is supposed to be, but an apparently headless person with a news story about a dead motorcyclist just seems creepy.

And, finally...
Copyright ©2014 Patch. All rights reserved.
Sorry, this is a cast I'd rather not meet!


  1. Hilarious! You can actually google "how to remove AdChoices" for instructions on how to get rid of those ads. But then again, you might want to keep them for the pure entertainment value. I'm glad I found your blog -- Henry really had a great time at CTY this summer. I think you might have gotten an email from him last week.

    1. The page is far more entertaining WITH the ads.
      I have been having trouble with the email address I gave the students. Please ask Henry to use if he wants to contact me.

  2. Thanks! And re: headless pillow -- it's actually called the Ostrich Pillow, and my husband at USA Today had to lay out a story last year that featured it -- he thought it was hilariously ugly and weird: