Sunday, March 29, 2015

Old Photos of the Week #11

  Three more photos from the Game Night portion of the DC Olympics at the company retreat in Great Gorge, NJ in January, 1985...

Clockwise around the table from the left: Paul Levitz, Barry Marx, Shelley Eiber, can't tell, and Janice Race ponder the questions in Trivial Pursuit.

Mark Alexander enjoys a chuckle during a game of Scrabble with Helen _____, Carol Fein, and a fourth staff member.

Jenette Kahn, Audrey _____, and Tom Condon face off against Judy Fireman and Neal Pozner in their game of Boggle.

A number of people have asked if we did anything other than compete in these Olympic events during the three-day retreat. Yes, in fact, there were some meetings held to discuss company policies and plans for the future. However, no one took any pictures of these meetings -- I'm sure that more than a couple of us were nodding off  -- so you will not get to see any evidence of them.

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