Sunday, March 15, 2015

Old Photos of the Week #9

  We're back to the photos from the DC Comics retreat in 1985. In addition to the water sports events that were part of the company Olympics, there was also a series of "dry land" athletic contests. Representatives of each of the six teams competed in a football toss, a relay race, bowling, and a few other tests of physical skills.

  Members of the white, yellow, and tan teams listen as the rules of the events are explained. Standing (l-r) are Tom Condon, Helen Vesik, Robyn McBryde, Tom Pattison, Len Wein, Barry Marx, Milt Snapinn, Midge Bregman and Alyce Schuler. Seated are Alan Gold, someone whose name I still don't remember, Bonnie Miller, Terri Cunningham, Barbara Randall, and Brenda Pope.

   White team members Tom Condon, Alan Gold, Jeanette Winley and Tom Pattison prepare for the football toss.  As I recall, we were amazed at how many staff members couldn't throw a football.

  Jeanette Winley competes in the obstacle course relay race. This involved carrying a ball in each hand and deftly zigzagging through the field of "giant" cones.

  Jenette Kahn and Joe Orlando flashing signs. Was Jenette signaling victory? Did Joe know a secret to success for his team? Who can say...

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