Monday, August 24, 2015

Alex's Whirlwind Adventures

Alex (and Chuck and Rebecca) came for a visit yesterday and the little man was excited from the moment he got off the train. Actually, I'm sure he was excited long before that, as he usually is whenever he is coming to see Papa and Grandma.

As soon as he came in the house, he announced that he wanted to play with the large wooden train set that Laurie has borrowed from friends. It took only a few minutes for a massive network of tracks to take over the family room floor, set up almost entirely by Alex, with only minimal assistance from Papa to connect up a couple of routes to nowhere.

In addition to keeping the trains on schedule, Alex took time to review the toys in the wall unit, those that are still in the basement, and the ones in the dresser that Grandma has just refinished and painted that will soon be making its way to his bedroom at home.

After a nap with Papa on the "big boy bed" -- we have now outgrown the porta-crib -- it was off to Jones Beach with Mommy and Daddy, where he enjoyed the sand and the waves. "We have to hold hands in the water," he told me later, "so the waves don't make me fall down."

We decided the easiest way to clean him off after the beach was to dunk him in his wading pool, but he decided he wanted the big pool with Papa.

There were more adventures with the trains -- interrupted only by dinner -- as well as using some of his construction trucks to make a cake. (Obviously, it was to be a massive cake since the ingredients were being carried by the bulldozer and being mixed in the dump truck.)

There was also time for a photo op of Alex and Papa in our matching fedoras. It is only a matter of time before he and I are singing a duet of "New York, New York" in our best Frank Sinatra voices.

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