Saturday, April 11, 2015

Alex Meets Alex the Barber

  As part of his current weekend visit and with full approval of Mommy and Daddy, we took Alex to get his first haircut. The snipping was done by Alex the Barber, who has been cutting my hair for a lot of years and took over the shop from Vito, who had given Chuck his first and many subsequent haircuts.
  Poppa got his hair cut first and then Alex took a seat in my lap. While not his usual chirpy, talkative self, Alex sat still for the entire haircut and allowed Alex the Barber to do his work. Grandma dutifully recorded the event with her iPad and even collected some of the locks of hair for posterity.
  When it was all done, Alex got a lollipop -- there are some barbershop traditions that never change -- and then went for lunch at McDonalds.

Alex gets his first haircut April,2015

Chuck's first haircut December 1982

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