Saturday, April 11, 2015

DC Comics Has Left the Building

  When DC Comics made its move from 1325 Avenue of the Americas to 1700 Broadway in the early '90s, I made the comment that, as we had been moving steadily westward across Manhattan since I started (at 909 Third Avenue in 1973), the next move might land us in the Hudson River. They have managed to jump the river -- and the entire continent -- with their departure for offices in Los Angeles.
  Until a few months ago, I would not have expected to be there when the company finally departed the current space. I had not visited the offices since late 1999 or very early 2000 but was invited back for the final Manufacturing Department Holiday Party by Alison Gill (You can read about that here.) I made a couple more trips since to have lunch with Alison and Terri Cunningham and last week was invited to the farewell luncheon for six members of the manufacturing department, with all of whom I had worked for many years.
  Yesterday, I was invited to join current staff and a small contingent of former long-timers for a closing day toast and party. For me, it was an opportunity to see a few more people I hadn't seen in a number of years. For many of the current staffers, both those who are moving with the company to the west coast and those who are ending their DC careers here, the party atmosphere may have been camouflaging a feeling that "we may never see one another again." It was something I experienced a decade and a half ago but, after yesterday (and those previous visits), I can only say, "You never know."
With Alison Gill and Christine Napolitano

Chris Caramalis, BobRo, Lillian Laserson, Cheryl Rubin, Christine, Alison, and Diane Perla. A lot of years at DC among this group.

Terri Cunningham, Alison, Bob, Christine, Chris, Alyce Raeford, and Diane.

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  1. As a long time fan of comics and with aspirations of being a writer, I had hoped that one day I would work at DC or Marvel. At least have to come there for meetings as a freelancer. Now, if that happens, it will be in Los Angeles. I'm sure it makes sense to move the offices now that the movies and TV shows of the characters are driving the business, but it's sad to see even from a fans point of view.