Monday, April 13, 2015

Old Photos of the Week #13

  Back to the "Game Night" photos from the 1985 DC Comics retreat at Great Gorge, NJ.  Unfortunately, since the players were seated around tables, we have a lot of backs and tops of heads, only some of which I can identify.

At the table in the foreground, Bruce Bristow, Diane Perla, Helen Vesik and two more heads. In the background, Paul Levitz (standing) checks in on Andy Helfer (in red), Midge Bregman, Shelia Glasgow,  Nick Cuti and Bonnie Miller. At yet another table, Albert DeGuzman (in light yellow) is to the right of Levitz.

Joey Cavalieri (in red), Todd Klein (tan), Len Wein (white), Bob Greenberger (green), and Charlie McDaid (light yellow). I don't recall the name of the woman in tan on the left nor can I identify the woman in blue.

Janice Race in red, Paul Levitz in green and Shelley Eiber in tan, with yours truly checking in from the upper right corner.

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