Sunday, April 26, 2015

Retirement Report

Okay, so I've been retired for almost four weeks and what have I done with all my "free" time?

* Well, there's the twelve hours spread over four different days that I spent at Combined Resources, wrapping up a couple of audits and other end-of-quarter business.
* I visited DC Comics twice, once for the retirement luncheon for six of my former compatriots and the other for the "getting out of town" last day ceremony.
* I had three doctor appointments -- two six-month check-ups and my annual physical. (Hey, isn't this what old people are supposed to be doing all the time?)
* I ran and played Adult Ed volleyball on seven evenings.
* I donated platelets twice.
* We had Alex here for a weekend.
* I got the annual inspections done on the cars.
* I replaced a bunch of rotted pickets in the fence in our back yard.
* We met friends at the Museum of the Moving Image to see the "Mad Men" exhibit.

Yes, I'm aware that pretty much everything on the list above would have been done even if I was still working, though probably at different times or on different days.

On the other hand, something that would not have happened was the establishment of Men Seeking Pizza. Two friends and I have decided to find the best slice of pizza in town, so we meet each Wednesday and venture to one of the many pizzerias in Farmingdale. After dining, we return to my house to evaluate the fare. With swimming season approaching (albeit at a snail's pace this year), our post-pizza time may well be spent poolside. We already have four potential additional members and a virtually unlimited number of pizza places in the area, so MSP looks to be something I'll be committed to for awhile.  

One other accomplishment of my retirement: I have finally caught up in reading the perpetual pile of magazines in the family room, something that has not happened in many years. For the first time in memory, the only periodical in sight is the weekly TV section from the Daily News.


  1. Only Farmingdale? My favorite is Mario's, but most of my coworkers prefer Victor's, both in Melville. Have you been to Food & Fun on Pinelawn Road? Good pizza, not the greatest, and it's take-out only, but the decor is amazing.

  2. We're sticking with just Farmingdale for the time being. There are still plenty of pizzerias to visit after seven weeks.

  3. I look forward to reviews.