Friday, December 30, 2016

54 Years Later

  Going through a box of our father's papers, my brother unearthed this photo of my 6th grade class. Though I haven't seen any of them in more than fifty years -- all but one of the girls and I went to a different junior high and high school -- I was surprised at how many of their names I remembered.
  That's me in the white shirt and bow tie, second from the left in the top row.

Mrs. Levine's 6th grade class at Belmont Boulevard/Clara H Carlson School, 1963...
Top row: Nick Tortorella, me, Mark Bernstein, Ed Forte, Stephen O'Rourke, Tom Bock, Robert Becker, Robert Morris, Bill Schade, Rick Margaroli.
Middle Row: Mrs Marsha Levine, Wendy Bergmann, Marilyn Verna, Joan Belauskis, Ronnie Feldman, Sharon Doherty, Gail Ludwigsen, Barbara Kuno, Denise Aquino, ?, Vicki Keller, 
Front Row: Bobby Bouchard, Carol Hilt, Larry Henn, Kathy DeLuca, Robert Woods, Eva Bialt, Michael Mannion, Susan Stripp, Billy Cook, Craig Burdi