Saturday, October 13, 2018

Swimsover 2018

  Summer blew out of town sometime Thursday night as we appear to have seen the last of weather in the mid-70s (with temps not much cooler overnight). Friday night is forecast to drop into the 40s.
  With the pool closing scheduled, Swimsover 2018 was going to happen sometime in the next few days. Though I usually wait till the day before (or the day of) the closing, I decided to take advantage of the water still being in the low 70s -- and about ten degrees warmer than the air -- and take the last swim this afternoon.
  One extra note for this pool season, my last "midnight swim" -- a dip after an evening of volleyball or when it's just a really hot night -- took place on Wednesday, far later in the season than I've ever done before.
   So that's it for 2018, but we're only about six months away from First Dunk 2019.