Thursday, November 5, 2009


Think that voting in an "off-year election" doesn't matter? Consider the following from our district...

Nassau Legislature-District 14 -- 57 of 57 precincts reporting (100%) District 14
Joseph Belesi (R,C) - 7,184 - 50%
David Mejias* (D,I,WF) - 7,156 - 50%

At the moment, Mr. Belesi has won the seat by 18 votes. It's a safe bet that we will be following the lead set last year in Minnesota by Norm Coleman and Al Franken as they count, recount, and re-recount the votes, especially the absentee ballots.

Meanwhile, on the county-wide level...

County Executive - Nassau
1,142 of 1,142 precincts reporting (100%)
Thomas Suozzi* Dem - 118,111 - 48%
Edward Mangano, Rep - 117,874 - 48%
Steven Hansen, Con - 9,552 - 4%

Mr. Suozzi has won by 335 votes. However, both sides are proclaiming victory based on "favorable results of the pending recount."

As far as I know, we have no opportunity to have "hanging chads" and "dimpled chads" in our elections.


By the way, should Mr. Belesi prevail -- he is one of the candidates who campaigned with the "Tax Revolt" signs I mentioned in my previous posting -- I will look forward to seeing my property taxes slashed.

Or maybe we're all just going to throw tea in the Oyster Bay harbor.

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  1. Tax revolt party by the republican machine was a good marketing move. Most honest voters do not realize that local governments can not reduce taxes. I'll bet that a good private consulting company, if hired by government can reduce cost without reducing services.Will we see it in our tax bill? No. Governments will always find other places to spend it.

    How many people are unemployed on LI? What are our local governments? Nothing. Its doggy dog world.