Thursday, December 31, 2009

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

Well, I didn't expect to be sitting here writing a blog entry. In fact, Laurie and I were supposed to be in Cape Cod at a wedding (that of James, brother of our daughter-in-law Rebecca). But we woke up this morning to find it snowing and a check of the storm's track had it moving up the coast and across southern New England at about the same time we would be.

Well, in our younger days, we would have been game for spending however many hours the 250-mile trip would take, but these days we aren't quite so adventurous. So we phoned Chuck to advise him of our cancelled plans, sent our good wishes to the newlyweds, and stayed home.

It got me thinking about how we've spent past New Year's Eves...
Recent ones have been at dinner parties at Gudrun's. This year, however, she is away, so there is no dinner party.
We spent a number of years with Merrill and Marty, at whatever party Marty's band was playing.
Others were spent with Jodi and Alex, and I can recall at least one of those at which Alex's brother, a chiropractor, was giving folks adjustments.
A few were spent at Sam Lord's Castle in Barbados.
And there was a year that we accepted invitations to two different neighborhood parties. Like Archie on dates with Betty and Veronica at the same time, we took turns ducking out of one and trotting down the street to the other. And, if I recall correctly, Sammi was having a party of her own at our house, so we kept stopping by to check up on that as well. (I can't say which party we were at when the ball dropped, but I do know Laurie and I were both at the same place at the time.)

Wherever you are this evening, I wish you and yours a Happy New Year.

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