Monday, May 3, 2010

First Dunk 2010

Though the temperatures were in the low 40s the night before, we had the pool opened up this past Thursday. Just in time, it turns out, as the weekend saw another round of "instant summer" with temps in the low 80s.

As those of you who know me (or read last year's First Dunk installment) would expect, I was in the pool on Saturday. Our "Temperature Team" of thermometers said the water was somewhere between 67 and 70 degrees, with the ever-optimistic Swanee at the top and Ducky and Snorkleduck agreeing. Alas, Tommy Turtle, ever the slowpoke of the group, said the water was 54 degrees; though he'll continue to be part of the team, we won't be giving much credence to his readings. Needless to say, the water was "bracing," but quite refreshing after I had been replacing some fence slats and digging up a new section of garden for the vegetables.

The water was slightly warmer yesterday; by 4:00 Swanee had it at 73 and both ducks were at 70. After the usual assortment of Sunday chores, I had some time to sit and read poolside and also got in a few more dunks.

With the warm weather forecast to continue through the week, I expect a couple of after-work bike rides will be followed by a dunk. But it will be awhile yet before the first midnight swim...

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