Sunday, May 13, 2012

First Dunk 2012

Longtime readers of this blog are aware that the opening and closing of the pool each year are celebrated as First Dunk and Swimsover.

Despite weather in both March and April that made it seem like we were in for a very early summer, the pool was not opened until last week. In fact, we took the cover off just as the long-awaited April showers started arriving every day in May.

This past Thursday, with the "Temperature Team" checking in with water temps ranging from 68 to 70 degrees, I decided First Dunk had been delayed long enough. It wasn't a long swim by any means. First dunk is always just that -- I get in, I get wet, I get out. In any case, pool season has officially begun.

One other note: Tommy Turtle has been retired from the "Temperature Team." The perennial pessimist of the group -- he surely would have recorded Thursday's water temp as 48 degrees -- started to disintegrate and had to end his career. No word yet about who will replace him and join Ducky, Swanee, Snorkelduck, Polar Bear Pete, and CPO Sharkey on the team.


  1. CPO Sharkey - because it looks like a shark or because it looks like Don Rickles?

  2. He looks like a shark. Very few people get the reference to the old Rickles TV show.