Tuesday, July 30, 2013

SuperBob Day at CTY

To my great surprise, yesterday was "SuperBob Day" at CTY Chestertown, the culmination of a month of secret planning by Academic Dean Scott Dodd and what appears to have been a small army of co-conspirators, celebrating my 20th anniversary at CTY.

At the morning handoff, I was surrounded by staff members wearing a specially-made commemorative tee-shirt and was lauded by Scott in front of the entire staff and student body for my twenty years of teaching in the program.

As I told the gathered crowd, when Laurie and I first taught the Writing & Imagination class, I had no idea that I'd still be doing it twenty years later. Now, however, another twenty years doesn't seem so odd to consider. And there's apparently an 83-year-old instructor at another CTY site who has more years than I do...


  1. Hi Mr.R!
    This is Ashley, one of your students from CTY Chestertown session 2 2013. I told you I was a stalker! By the way, you DO have a Wikipedia page.


  2. This is so cool, and extremely well-deserved.

    -Matt, CTY '93