Thursday, January 16, 2014

More "Breaking News"

  Some weeks ago, I wrote about the "Breaking News" articles that the Farmingdale Patch had been posting, news items that weren't all that current and certainly didn't warrant their status. (Read it here.)
  Yesterday, I got two alerts from the Patch. To be fair, one of them was timely and important, advising that the National Weather Service had issued a dense fog warning for the evening. It was even relevant, as Laurie and I went out to the movies and emerged from the theater to discover that there was, indeed, lots of fog!
  The other story, however, just left me scratching my head. Headlined "Massage Client Attacks, Abuses Worker in Hicksville Spa," it reports that the police are seeking a man who sexually abused a massage therapist and then fled.
  The assailant, described in the article as "an unknown man," entered the spa and asked for a massage. He was shown to a room, told to remove his clothes and lie on the table, covering himself with a blanket. It appears he got the undressing part correct, but when the massage therapist entered the room, he was standing up, displaying his wares. She told him to lie down on the table, but he insisted that she perform a sexual act.
   She refused and they struggled, during which he touched her in an "inappropriate sexual manner." And then he fled..."by unknown means." The Nassau Police Department is seeking the public's help in apprehending this man.
   Oh, by the way, the incident took place on January 6th, nine days before this article appeared.
   But, please, stop and think about this a little. According to this story, the man struggled with the therapist and then fled. There is no indication that he put his clothes back on!
  The police have been looking for a naked man for nine days!
  And they just now are asking for help?
  By all means, I will keep a lookout for a naked (and probably quite cold) man wandering around the neighborhood.