Sunday, April 26, 2015

Old Photos of the Week #15

  Among the events at the DC Comics company Olympics in 1985 was playing Family Feud. I came up with all the questions, then polled fans at a local comic book shop, as well as some of our regular letter column contributors to get the percentages.
  The surveys included "Name your favorite hero with a color in his/her name" and "Name someone in the comics industry with the initials J.S." I played the host, but, unlike Richard Dawson, I was not kissing or hugging any of the contestants.
Robyn McBryde and I explain the rules to the staff.

Linda Robak, Peggy May, BobRo, Jenette Kahn, Joe Orlando, Bob LeRose, Karen Berger, and Neal Pozner
Linda Robak and Dick Giordano square off in Round 1. The Pepsi bottles on the table were not there as product placement. I needed them to hold up the game board. 

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