Monday, June 15, 2015

Some Last Words From Julie Schwartz

  Julie Schwartz was instrumental in my career at DC Comics -- he was my mentor, my boss, my colleague and my friend. After he retired, he continued as DC's Good Will Ambassador and would come into the office once a week. When I would see him in the hall, I would shout, "Schwartz!!" and he would respond "Rozaaakis!"

  After I left the company in 1998, we did not see each other that often -- only at local conventions from time to time -- but we stayed in contact with occasional phone calls and notes.

  Above is the last missive I received from Julie, late in 2003.

AM   A foreign stamp to add to your collection!
         Didja know Guy III finally got married -- a gal named ROSIE!
         Howie Margolin occasionally sends me your Answer Man column. Grade A stuff!
        How'd you make out at Mighty Mini-Con?
                                                              Julie (S) 
PM   P.S. Just received your "Ink in Their Blood" piece. I'm overwhelmed / flattered!
        F.Y.I. Kris Rusch will be a guest at I-CON 2004! Hope you can make it - maybe do a panel together!

  Julie always remembered how I'd be clipping stamps off the mail we got at DC and would put aside envelopes for me..
  "Guy III" is Guy H. Lillian III, who had numerous letters published by Julie and had a brief career as an assistant editor at DC in the mid-'70s.
  Howard Margolin is the host of Destinies - The Voice of Science Fiction on WUSB - 90.1 Friday nights at 11:30 p.m. and a longtime friend of Julie and yours truly.
  I had been a guest at Mighty Mini-Con in upstate New York. I believe Julie had been invited but was unable to make it.
  If I recall correctly, "Ink in Their Blood" was a profile article in which I praised Julie for the role he played in my career in comics.
  Kristine Rusch is a writer / editor in a number of genres, including science fiction and fantasy.
  Alas, Julie and I did not get to do that panel together at I-CON; he passed away on February 8, 2004.

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