Saturday, November 28, 2015

Unsolicited Plug

The following was posted on Facebook by fan Mike Chary...

Okay, so you have a comics fan in your life and you want to get them a present but you, yourself, know nothing about comics and aren't sure what they have. Trust me. I have been reading comics for over 40 years. Bob Rozakis has written this book. It might be the best book ever written by anyone. I hadn't realized it existed until a couple weeks ago. I would try to describe it, but it would conjure up some sort of bizarre geek black hole and suck me in. If you have a comics fan in your life, they want this book. If they happen to already own it, they want a spare copy in case the first is destroyed. This is the single perfect comics gift for the comics fan in your life. No, your husband can't share it with your son. They each want their own copy. If you are a comics fan yourself, buy one for yourself because you won't be able to share. Just trust me.

You can order it at Amazon.

Thanks, Mike. 

And, as long as we're doing advertising, let's not forget...

Also available at Amazon.

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