Monday, May 30, 2016

On the High Seas with Alex

  We went on a cruise to Bermuda with Chuck, Rebecca and Alex along. Though Laurie and I have been there before, it was a first for the kids.
  It's an easy cruise -- leave Sunday afternoon, sail on Monday and Tuesday, spend Wednesday, Thursday and most of Friday in Bermuda, then set sail and arrive home Sunday morning. With Papa and Grandma along to handle some of the babysitting, Chuck and Rebecca got time for some fancy dinners, horseback riding, and general relaxing.
  Alex spent an hour or so a day at the kiddy care center, but the rest of the time was spent with his favorite people. And he kept us all busy.
  His bed was a foldout, which was fine, but he also liked the large sill in front of the window. He decided it could double as a second bed.
Alex watches as we sail away...

...and decides this is a great place to nap.
    Alex also discovered that the phone in their stateroom could be used to call Grandma and Papa. One evening he called us and said, "I need you guys to come down here because Mommy and Daddy are going out."
  One morning he called and said, "I'm going to breakfast and wanted invite you to join me."
  Sometimes, it is hard to believe that he is only three years old.

  Among the onshore adventures, we all spent a few hours at the nearby beach -- Alex made friends with a boy from the other ship that was docked. There was a playground area that he also liked. But, every time he was asked what his favorite part of the cruise was, he said, "Riding the train."
  Said train being the little tram -- dressed up like an old train -- that takes people from the ships around the shopping area of King's Wharf. Every time we started moving, the engineer would shout "Choo choo!" to Alex's great delight.
"Choo choo!"

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