Monday, September 12, 2016

An Alex Anecdote

  In mid-August, while Laurie was in Australia with Sammi, Chuck and Rebecca asked if I could babysit Alex overnight so they could go to a nearby convention. As my little buddy and I seem never at a loss for things to do, I said okay.
  I drove to their house and they took the car to drive to the con. Since it was brutally hot, Alex and I spent most of the time in the air conditioning, playing and doing activities. One scenario involved the "rescue squad" chasing a bad dump truck who had stolen lollipops from the other trucks. (A helicopter grabbed up the lollipops with a grappling hook and flew them to safety.) We painted, we made things with Play-Doh, we read books, and we did much more.
  By mid-afternoon, we were both more than ready for a nap.

  After naptime and an afternoon snack, Alex said, "Papa, we should go to the Liberty Science Center."
  "We can't. Mommy and Daddy took the car."
  "It's okay. We can walk to the light rail." The light rail is about half a mile away.
  "It is too hot to walk that far."
  "We could take the stroller."
  Instead, we went outside to the sandbox where he got frequent sprinklings from the hose to stay cool.

  When Laurie and Sammi Skyped in the late afternoon and Laurie asked Alex what he had done all day, he said, "I watched some videos."

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