Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Lego My Calculator 2

  Saw The Lego Batman Movie this afternoon and thought it was lots of fun. I look forward to watching it with Alex when it comes out on DVD.
  Meantime, another of those things I never thought I'd see: My name in the credits on a movie screen...


  1. Congratulations on your "accreditation", Bob! I'm surprised Bill Finger and Bob Kane aren't here, but I imagine they were credited at the beginning of the film.
    On a totally separate topic, while perusing old DC comics of the '60s and '70s, I've often seen letters written by your fellow Elmont-ian "Gerard Triano"--does he really exist, or were you trying the old Roy Thomas method of getting more than 1 letter in a lettercol? I've developed bit of interest in Elmont since I found out a few years ago that my grandfather, who died in 1928, was buried in a Jewish cemetery on Elmont Road.

    1. Yes, Kane and Finger had their own screen. No, I was not Gerard Triano, and attempts I made to find him proved fruitless. And I grew up just a few blocks from that cemetery.

  2. Thanks for your prompt reply, Bob.
    Wow, a recluse--don't worry, I'll respect his privacy, and I won't pursue a search.

  3. This map of smallville - - is from New Adventures of Superboy #22, where you wrote one of the stories. Don't suppose you'd know who made the map? Thanks!