Saturday, April 15, 2017

Another Visit from Alex

  Since his day care was closed for the holidays, but Mommy and Daddy had to work, Alex came for a three-day stay with Papa and Grandma. Unlike the past couple of visits, which were marked by wet and freezing weather, this week was filled with warm sunshine.
  On Tuesday, we went to Jones Beach. Lots of other people had the same idea and we noticed a large number of family groups that were grandparents and small children. Clearly, Alex was not the only child whose parents were working.

Wearing one of Papa's hats and Grandma's sunglasses
  Much of our play at the beach involved the adventures of four trucks we had brought. We dug a big hole that was over a hill on the road that the trucks were traveling on. This, I was advised, was a trap set by evil villains and when the trucks came over the hill and fell in it, the villains covered them with sand. Luckily, I was able to mark the spot or we would have been digging for quite awhile trying to find the trucks in the "sand pit of doom."
Preparing the road that led to the "sand pit of doom"
  The visit also included a haircut from Alex the barber and this was a major event because it was the first time Alex (the grandson) sat in the "big boy seat" rather than on my lap. He and Alex (the barber) actually worked out this deal during the last visit: If Alex (the grandson) sat on his own, he would get three lollipops. Neither Alex had forgotten the deal and, I am happy to report, it went perfectly.
  The barber shop visit resulted in one extra bonus for Alex. Though we had gone to McDonalds for lunch the day before, he pointed out that whenever he gets a haircut "you know what we do next, Papa!" So, he got his second Happy Meal in as many days, this time from the drive-thru "because we can take it home and I can eat some of it later." (The french fries were all gone by the time we got home.)
  There was plenty of other playing too. Alex and Grandma spent quite a bit of time drawing Alextown on the driveway and then driving various cars and trucks around it. He and I battled the super-villains Rockmaster, Stonemaster, and their sidekick Pebble (who were actually three pillows). The trains took over the floor of the family room, hero and villain action figures battled in the bathtub, and Transformers were constantly changing forms to fight the evil Decepticons.
  It was a happy and exciting visit for all involved.

The happy visitor to Camp Papa and Grandma

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  1. We do have fun when Alexander Robin Cinnamon Bun Rozakis comes for a visit.