Saturday, May 16, 2020

First Dunk 2020

   The pool was opened last Saturday morning. On Saturday afternoon, we had a couple of snow squalls -- yes, on May 9th! A week later, here I am for First Dunk 2020. (Granted, the water was only 69 degrees, but it's a start!)


  1. Bob, I hope you're enjoying the summer weather today (I live in Southern Connecticut, just outside Fairfield County), but, in light of the death of Dennis O'Neil, (may he rest in peace) it occurs to me to ask you a question fewer and fewer people could tell me the answer to: What was Nelson Bridwell really like?

  2. Roy Thomas, in Michael Eury's "The Krypton Companion", said that Mort Weisinger dismissively referred to Bridwell as a "moron", so we therefore know Nelson must have been preternaturally bright, but what was he about? Ever since I noticed that Mr. B got pieces printed in Mad magazine (the only DC writer, to my knowledge, to do so) I've wanted to learn more about him--I never would have written to him when after reaching adulthood since I lost all interest in comic books by then, and didn't rekindle that interest until 20 years after his candle expired, so I ask you again, in all seriousness, "Who was E.Nelson Bridwell?"

  3. There's a bio of Nelson at