Wednesday, April 15, 2009

On the Move

When I first joined DC Comics back in the summer of 1973, one of the first jobs I had was helping pack up as the company made the move from 909 Third Avenue to 75 Rockefeller Plaza. Over the next twenty-five years, the company moved three more times to 666 Fifth Avenue, then 1325 Avenue of the Americas, and finally to 1700 Broadway. Each of these moves took us further west across Manhattan and we joked that we would eventually end up on a barge in the Hudson River. Luckily for them, since I left in 1998, they have stayed put.
In 2000, not long after I joined the staff at Preload, the company moved from Garden City, NY, where they'd been for decades, to Hauppauge. During my brief six-month stint as a consultant with Accordant, they moved their office a couple of towns over in New Jersey. Even the Johns Hopkins CTY program relocated the site I was working at, from Goucher College in Towson, MD across Chesapeake Bay to Washington College in Chestertown.
So I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise that Combined Resources Interiors, my current employer, will be moving -- across the road and up the block -- in a couple of months.
I wonder, does this make me a mover and a shaker?


  1. If all of this relocating doesn't qualify you as a mover and a shaker, your stylish moves at CTY dances certainly do! ;)

  2. I hate relocating! Hate it with a passion. Good to see you have a blog going, though. Hopefully you won't have to move it!

  3. I remember the infamous "yellow-walled" offices at 666. Tried visiting once back in '86 but the most I got out of the trip was a lobby photo showing "who's who" on the 8th floor. Your name is right above Julie's. I still keep it on this very hard drive to this day.

    I probably might have asked you: "When did Robin first drive the Batmobile?" or something along those lines, and you would have said, "once he got his driver's permit!"

  4. Joseph, though I would probably had an idea where it was, I might have asked E. Nelson Bridwell, who was a master at putting his finger on the exact page in situations like that.

  5. Pretty impressive there Bob. I hope the move won't be too stressful.

  6. Eric L. Sofer, the Silver Age FogeyFriday, April 24, 2009

    You may indeed be a mover, but let's leave religion out of this, shall we? :) :) :)

    I remain,
    Eric L. Sofer
    The Silver Age Fogey