Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Preparing to Launch

Seems like just about everyone I know has a blog. Some of them are updated regularly; some have been all but abandoned. Some are interesting; some are boring (especially those that haven't had anything added in weeks or months). I am hopeful that mine will contain something of interest on a regular basis. What more can I offer?

Why "Anything Goes" as a title? It dates back to "ancient times" -- the 1990s, actually -- when, as the Production Director at DC Comics, I hosted a weekly chatroom on AOL. While other chats focused on specific characters or books that the host edited, mine was open to cover the entire DC Universe. (After I left DC, I continued to host the chat and we expanded to cover the entire comic book industry.) The title carried over to my Daily Trivia Quiz that has run at the World Famous Comics site for almost ten years now (

And now I can expand again. The "Anything" will cover not only comic books, but any other topics that come to mind. Right now, though, I'm still setting this up, so I'll move on to handle whatever else is required and be back later.

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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere, Bob. If the Answer Man speaketh, I shall heareth!