Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fudge Man Day

Long-time readers of this blog may recall my entry about John Roach, a.k.a. "the Fudge Man," one of the regular platelet donors who had passed away. Last January, as a tribute to him, a number of us donated on a Saturday morning, joined by John's sister Marie, who brought with her some of the famous fudge. As a result, NY Blood Services even created a donation group in memory of John.

Today we made the tribute into a tradition by having the second annual Fudge Man Day at the Blood Center. The regulars were in attendance, once again joined by Marie, with some excellent mint chocolate fudge. She also brought calendar magnets for all of us to commemorate the occasion.

Despite the snowy sleety weather this morning, we had a full contingent of the regulars. (I, unfortunately, was deferred from donating today because of a recent vaccination, but I'll be back in mid-February.) 

We sat for a couple of hours swapping stories. Marie told us about some of the odd varieties of fudge John had brought home; the only one she refused to try was garlic-flavored. Jalapeno fudge apparently is popular, but garlic fudge, not so much.

John would have turned fifty last week and his family and friends got together last week and celebrated in his honor. We, his Saturday Morning at the Blood Center pals, were happy to be able to salute him as well and look forward to Fudge Man Day again next year.

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