Wednesday, January 25, 2012

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A Georgia judge has ordered President Obama to appear at a "birther" hearing on Thursday to provide testimony about his qualifications to be on the ballot in the presidential primary. This latest nonsensical case is apparently being spearheaded by Orly Taitz, who has been involved in a number of similar cases. Ms. Taitz, a lawyer and dentist from California, is quoted as saying that this hearing would be "100 times bigger than Watergate."
According to Wikipedia, Ms. Taitz has been involved in a number of similar "birther" lawsuits regarding the President's eligibility for office. All previous ones have been dismissed, including one in which she was fined $20,000 for misconduct. Among her other claims is that the President is having FEMA build internment camps for anti-Obama dissidents.

Ms. Taitz was born in Moldava in the Soviet Union. emigrated to Israel and then to the U.S. Rather than allowing her to continue to question the President's citizenship, perhaps she should be ordered to investigate why she was let into this country and allowed to become a naturalized citizen.

And what's the story with the judge? Does he really think that the case has merit or is he just looking for his fifteen minutes of fame by ordering the President to appear in his court?


In other news today, a 72-year-old USPS employee in Texas has been suspended after it was discovered she has been hoarding truckloads of stolen junk mail. She has stolen so much of it that she apparently rented storage units to keep it in.
"This is a hoarding problem," the woman explained. "People can have mental issues... it doesn't make them insane. It makes them stupid." Um, sure.
There was no word about whether the USPS would be delivering all the mail. Or if anyone had complained about not getting their entry form for the Publisher's Reading House sweepstakes.


It has been reported that Carnival Corporation, owner of the Costa Concordia (as well as Cunard, Holland-America, Princess, and half a dozen smaller cruise lines), has announced that they issue refunds to all the passengers. In addition, they will offer them a 30% discount on future cruises.

30%? Really?

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  1. ITEM: I'm not a lawyer, but I believe by specifically charging Barack Obama as President Obama, they are legally acknowledging that he is indeed President of the United States - which is probably the best qualification for him to be on the ballot as a presidential candidate, yes?

    ITEM: Carnival Corp. is offering a 30% discount... because, y'know, those passengers can't WAIT to get back on a Carnival cruise ship!

    I remain,
    Eric L. Sofer
    The Bad Clown...