Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stop Playing With Your Food

From yesterday's Daily Beast...

A Nebraska woman got quite a return on her 99-cent investment. Three years ago she noticed one of her McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets resembled President George Washington, and she put it in the freezer. Then, trying to raise money for her church’s summer camp, she unearthed the Washington nugget and posted it on eBay. The winning bid: $8,100. EBay took down the nugget at first, saying it violated its rules regulating expired food, but then the woman got an email saying the company was “willing to make exceptions to help your cause.”

Ignoring the fact that it really doesn't look that much like George Washington, who in their right mind pays $8,100 for it? And after you've bought it, what do you do with it? Put in a display case until it grows a moldy beard and starts looking more like Abraham Lincoln?

This will undoubtedly have people across the country checking their McNuggets for collectibility. You never know, the person who bought McWashington might want a complete set of the McPresidents.