Sunday, August 5, 2012

Grandpa To Be

Those of you who happen to follow my adventures on Facebook are probably already aware that the next generation of our family is due to join us in early February next year. Chuck and Rebecca told us in a quite amusing manner a couple of weeks ago.

A little history behind how they told us: Some Christmases ago, Sammi got me a shirt as a gift, thinking that it said "Hofstra Dad" on it. In fact, she had inadvertently gotten one which said "Hofstra Granddad." When I opened it, I said, "Is there something I should know about?" We all had a good laugh about it.

Chuck latched on to this idea and decided that whenever the day came that he would be telling us such news, he was going to do it by giving us shirts. He has carried this plan along all this time and Rebecca told us she first heard about it five years ago, long before that were even considering starting a family.

So, at dinner, they handed identically-wrapped gifts to Laurie, Sammi and me and told us we had to open them simultaneously. Which we did.

And great excitement ensued...

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