Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Common Sense Revolution

CTY 2012 ended on Friday as the second session students left for home. Like the first session kids, this group was energetic and entertaining, completing 75+ assignments during their three-week stay.

Among the more amusing things that happened was a discussion that led to the founding of the Common Sense Revolution. One of the students brought up the case of Florida lifeguard Tomas Lopez, who was fired last month for leaving his post to help save a drowning man. "This," she said, "makes absolutely no sense."

I pointed out that in about twenty years, it would she and her classmates who would be taking charge of the world and that they should make it a goal to fix such things. That led to our plan to meet on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial at noon on July 26, 2032 to announce it. The students embraced the idea and one even started making badges for everyone.

"Why do I feel that I'll be there all alone?" said the girl, suspecting that her classmates might not even remember this when the day finally rolls around.

"Don't worry," I promised, "I will be there and I will bring my class with me!" I also promised that I would start working on getting approval for such a field trip as soon as possible, as the wheels of the CTY process sometimes grind very slowly.

We will ignore, at least for now, that I will be 81 years old in 2032 and the likelihood that I will still be teaching CTY classes by then is questionable. But you never know...

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  1. Hehehehehe... Let us spread the word!!!!!!!