Thursday, April 3, 2014

Another Annoying Political Ad

  It is seven months till Election Day.
  An ad that's been running on the radio recently begins with an attack on one of the State Senators, chastising him because he voted in favor of Obamacare. The speaker scolds him for saying that it is federal tax dollars instead of state tax dollars, though they aren't clear about what this means since a State Senator has no vote in Congress.
  A second speaker then tells us how terrible it is when a politician says one thing and does something else. She also tells us that she knows that federal tax dollars are her tax dollars just as state tax dollars are her tax dollars. She then mentions a local Congressman, who also voted in favor of Obamacare. "One is ashamed, the other is proud," she tells us.
  Then comes the apparent point of the ad: Naming a man who is running for Congress, who promises to vote for the repeal of Obamacare. We are assured that he is "one of us." Well, one can only presume he intends to run against the Congressman who is named earlier, but what, if anything, does that have to do with the State Senator?
  Since the Congressman named is not the one representing my district, this campaign does not affect me. If it did, however, why would I want to vote for a "Johnny-One-Note" whose raison d'etre appears to be continuing a losing battle? Hey, maybe he should promise to repeal Medicare and the Social Security Act as well.
  And did I mention that it's seven months till Election Day?

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