Friday, April 11, 2014

Search Results

   I got an email the other day from an interviewer who was looking for a photo of me to use. He went to Google and found quite an assortment, spanning about forty years. Bearded, clean-shaven, mustachioed... they're all there.
Someone, please buy this boy a comb and brush set!

   But one, he said, didn't really look like me...

  Not surprising, since it is actually a photo of E. Nelson Bridwell, with whom I worked at DC for many years.

   One of the interesting things that Blogspot (the host of this and many other bloggers' work) does is provide data on how many times an individual entry is viewed. I know that I have a group of regular followers and that there is a larger group of folks who will check out entries that relate to the comic book business.
   On the other hand, I presume that many one-time readers find their way here as the result of a search on Google or Ask or Bing. That would certainly account for the high number of views for the entries titled "Jury Duty" and "Feed a Fever, Drown a Cold." Those undoubtedly turn up in the results of many different searches.
   Of the more specifically-titled entries, the ones I wrote about baseball great Satchel Paige and the unpublished battle between the Secret Society of Super-Villains and the Freedom Fighters are the most popular entries of the nearly three hundred I've done.
   However, quite surprising to me was discovering that the most popular blog entry is my tale of how the NYPD came to the DC Comics offices for help when they were trying to track down serial killer "Son of Sam." There have been eight hundred more views of this entry than the next highest one and the total is more than ten times the average. I have no idea why.

   Speaking of searches, did you ever notice that, whenever you are looking for something, it's always in the last place you look?

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  1. I knew that was ENB before I read it below the photo. He was one of my heroes growing up, what a fountain of Pre-Crisis DC knowledge (ie. the REAL, multi-verse DC).