Sunday, March 1, 2015

Old Photos of the Week #8

  In addition to meetings at the DC Comics retreat, DC president Jenette Kahn wanted a variety of social events for the staff to take part in. In my role as unofficial morale officer, I suggested a company-wide Olympics. Jenette thought it was a great idea and then left it to me to figure out how to accomplish it.
  With the aid of my morale co-conspirator, Robyn McBryde, we randomly split the company into six teams, though we did take care to make sure each team included members from all the different departments. We decided that there should be both physical and cerebral challenges and that the individual teams would decide which members would compete in which events.
  Since the Great Gorge facility included an indoor swimming pool, a water event was in order, so, with the help of the staff there, we arranged for some races. One involved get across the pool and back in an inner tube.
Tom Pattison kicks his way to victory
Muffy Greenough and Bruce Bristow
After the races, Lionel Martinez, Peggy May, Bruce Bristow, Muffy Greenough and Jenette Kahn listen to the official results.
  Tom Pattison of the accounting department won this particular race, beating out Bruce Bristow, who was favored to win.

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