Sunday, February 22, 2015

Old Photos of the Week #7

And one more round of dinnertime photos from the DC Comics retreat...

  Though he might be familiar to some fans as one of DC's letterers, Milt Snapinn was also the head of the film library, where all the negatives for DC's books were stored for use in reprints and foreign editions. Milt was originally hired for a two-week stint at the company that ended up stretching for decades and joked that he would sometimes go to the bosses and ask, "Is it Saturday yet?" Next to Milt was his assistant, who I believe was named Helen (and her last name escapes me).

   Jeanette Winley (l.) succeeded Milt as the head of the film library and continues to work at DC today; her long tenure, like that of a number of other staffers, will come to an end when the company moves to California in April. Alyce Raeford was Dick Giordano's assistant; she also had a long run at the company.

  Editor / artist Sal Amendola worked on a variety of titles, most especially New Talent Showcase, the series created to give new and rising artists and writers an opportunity to have their work published. Lucia Gorpfert was Joe Orlando's assistant in the Special Projects department. 

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