Saturday, February 14, 2015

Old Photos of the Week #6

Still more dinner photos from DC's company retreat at Great Gorge, NJ...

Seated (l-r) are Charlie McDaid; Midge Bregman, who was Paul Levitz's assistant; and DC President Jenette Kahn. Standing are editor/ writer Barbara Randall Kesel; a woman whose name I don't recall who, I believe, worked in the accounting department, licensing director Mary Yedlin; and editor / artist Sal Amendola.

Carol Fein had two terms at DC, the first as Carmine Infantino's assistant when he became head of the company. She left during his tenure, but then returned to fill the same role for Jenette Kahn. Linda Robak was a member of the marketing department.  Arthur Gutowitz was the head of the accounting department.

Writer / editor Joey Cavalieri started in Joe Orlando's Special Projects department, then moved to the Editorial department, where he is now wrapping up his DC career as the company prepares to move to California in April; Susan Weil, who worked in the licensing department; Robin Phelps, who worked in the marketing department; and yours truly, back when I had glasses, a mustache, and a lot more hair on my head.

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