Sunday, February 8, 2015

Old Photos of the Week #5

  Still more dinner photos from the DC Comics company retreat at Great Gorge, NJ in 1985...

   Peggy May (left) was a member of the Marketing Department, which was led by Bruce Bristow.
   Neal Pozner was DC's art director; he and I sometimes clashed when it came to form versus functionality, such as the time he designed a Superman umbrella as a freelancer gift, choosing a fabric that was not waterproof because he liked the particular color. When I pointed this out, he remarked that it would be a collectible and no one was going to actually use it in the rain anyway.
  Karen Berger started out as Editorial Coordinator, but is most noted for her years as the head of the Vertigo line.

  Seated, from the left, are Chantal d'Aulnis, who was the head of the Foreign Publishing department; Lisa Saladino, one of our Production artists and the daughter of famed letterer Gaspar Saladino; Bob Greenberger, editor of a variety of titles, including DC's Star Trek books; Audrey (?), who was, I believe, a member of the licensing department; and Lionel Martinez, another licensing department member.
   Standing behind them are Super-editor Julie Schwartz; Paul Levitz, who would eventually become President of the company; and Diane Perla, a long-time member of the Accounting department.

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