Sunday, May 10, 2015

A 'Mazing Fan

   Since Sammi moved to Virginia, we've made an annual tradition of meeting somewhere halfway between every spring. In past years, we've met in Baltimore, Washington DC and Annapolis. This year we decided to make our meeting on the DelMarVa peninsula and Dover fit the bill as a midpoint.
   Among the places of interest to visit in the Delaware capital was Spence's Bazaar, a combination Amish food mart, flea market, and garage sale. Among the regular vendors is a gent named Woody, who has a fairly large comics and collectibles booth.
   While flipping through one of his boxes, I came across a bag with four issues of 'Mazing Man for a dollar. It might be considered a blow to my ego to find books I wrote going for such a small amount, but, hey, I can always use a few more copies as giveaways. When I showed the bag to Woody, he said, "Ah, 'Mazing Man -- I loved that book."
   I replied, "I wrote that book."
   It took Woody a moment to realize what I was telling him, but then he said, "No charge for the books."
   "Well, then," I said, opening the bag, "let me sign one of them and give it back to you."
   Which I did.
Woody, 'Mazing Man, and yours truly

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  1. Reminds me of Steve Barrington who ownes a comic shop in a flea market, in Alabama!
    Larry Guidry