Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Writing Prompts

I went for a bike ride after dinner, not an uncommon event. Though a bit breezy, it was a sunny and warm evening for a ride.

Perhaps because this year's teaching stint at CTY is less than five weeks away I found myself noticing things that would make interesting writing prompts:

* A man wearing shorts and a tee shirt, black socks and dress shoes, and a fedora  watering his lawn.
* A single sandal, white with rhinestones, sitting in the middle of the street. (Thankfully, there was no foot in it.)
* A black fright wig hanging from a branch over the bike path. (No head in it.)
* A neighbor whose car I recognized crossing my path three different times in three different places that did not seem to tie together (and none were near her house).
* A pile of old furniture at the curb in front of a house with the sign "Free or Garbage."

Pens ready? Pick one and start writing.

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