Thursday, March 17, 2016

Loud Shirt Day

  "Here's your chance to wear that shirt your Great Aunt Edna bought you the week after she went blind!"
  That was how we invited the DC staff to participate in Loud Shirt Day, one of a variety of crazy morale events dreamed up by Robyn McBryde and yours truly back in the 1980s. The staff gathered in the Production Department and watched each contestant emerge from the statroom in all their eye-blasting finery.
  Everybody voted for their favorite and the winner received a Superman tie that was created by my wife Laurie.
Len Wein and Ed Hannigan in floral motifs
Pat Bastienne and Joe Orlando went with stripes
Bob LeRose sampled the refreshments; Robyn McBryde hand-crafted her shirt
Todd Klein felt his tie completed the ensemble; John Holowski didn't need one
Helen Vesik chose a hand-made sweater; Julia Sabbagh demonstrated her art skills
Yours truly shows off the prize; winner Todd Klein wears it proudly
And if the shirts weren't eye-numbing enough, here is your truly in front of the infamous yellow wallpaper that graced the DC offices at 666 Fifth Avenue


  1. HI, I have a question about the Character "The Image" that was going to Debut in The Green Lantern universe in 1984. I remember seeing him in DC Sampler #3, but then he never appeared. I know it's been over 30 years since then, but do you think he will ever see the light of day. He seems to be an interesting character and could be DC's version of Marvel's "The Vision". I think the young writer's and artist's of today could do a lot with him in the New DC Universe. Thanks!

    1. It is highly unlikely that a character mentioned 32 years ago will ever see publication. I'd guess that everyone who was involved back then is retired by now.

    2. Thanks for the response. Last question, what were his powers supposed to be? Thanks Again.

    3. He could mind-control popular Marvel artists into quitting and starting their own comics company.