Friday, March 25, 2016

The Berndt Toast Gang Cartoonist Showcase

  Laurie and I took a drive over to the Huntington Library (where she once worked as a clerk) to see a display of art by the members of the Berndt Toast Gang. The Gang is a branch of the National Cartoonists Society, made up of artists who live (or lived) on Long Island. 

  Among the art and artists most recognizable to comic book fans:
  * A Wonder Woman page by Don Heck 
  * A Superboy and Krypto double-spread penciled by Kurt Schaffenberger and inked by Gang member Joe Giella (and scripted by my pal Paul Kupperberg)
  * A painting of Batman, also by Giella
  * A Phantom daily strip by Sy Barry
  * Two sketches by Golden Age artist Craig Flessel
  * A Mad piece by Mort Drucker

  There were plenty of other artists represented, some of whom I'd heard of and some I was unfamiliar with. I would have liked a bit of biographical information about each of the artists, but even without it, this is a display worth seeing if you are in the area.

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