Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Men Seeking Pizza 2016

  Our second year as Men Seeking Pizza had us expanding our horizons, exploring pizzerias in nearby Plainedge and North Massapequa along with revisiting many of the Farmingdale ones we'd ranked in 2015. As with last year, we found a few really good pies, many that were middle-of-the-pack-but-I-wouldn't-turn-it-down, and a couple places that, well, let's just say we're not going to bother going back in 2017.
   This year had an interesting turn of events when the pizzeria we ranked as #3 went out of business (and came back as a Mexican restaurant weeks later). We decided that there was no accounting for taste in that neighborhood as the rest of the pizzerias in the area, some of which we ranked very low, are still in business.
  As it turned out, our semi-finalists for 2016 were three of the top four from 2015 - Mary's, Piazzetta, and Marino's - along with newcomer Crostini's. In the first round, Mary's, the 2015 champ, beat Crostini's and Marino's outscored Piazzetta.  The final face-off ended with two great pies and a close vote, with Marino's coming out on top as our 2016 champion.

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