Monday, January 9, 2017

Polar Ball

  It started as a joke during our summer weekend volleyball games that we should get together on New Year's Day and play, regardless of the weather. As our outdoor season came to an end, the idea had grown from "Ha ha, yeah, right!" to "We're really going to do this."
  A discussion about how many people would actually be available on New Year's morning resulted in the change to Saturday, January 7th. Then came the logo...
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  And then came the day we were scheduled to play, with a temperature of 22 degrees and plenty of snow in the forecast. Would anyone actually show up, especially since it started snowing an hour before game time?
  You betcha! Twenty-six crazy volleyball players had a great time for two hours, and "Nobody's going to believe we did this" was heard more than once.
  Afterward, it was off to a nearby pub to warm up and have lunch.
  Of course, to commemorate the event, there were t-shirts.
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Yours truly with Chris and Sammy modeling our shirts

  And even a video by Roy, who had a "helmet-cam," which you can check out here. (You can see me doing an over-the-shoulder return at 1:35 in the video.)
  We're already planning for next year!



  1. Is the Polar Ball just once a year? My husband has been wanting to play in a game, I was also searching from some cool volleyball chants to cheer him on if he played or to put on signs. I found a few here if you don't mind me sharing them: Volleyball Slogans

    1. Yes, Polar Ball is a once-a-year event. But we play every weekend in the warmer months. Check out